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Rollovers and Distributions

There’s a lot to consider when you change jobs or retire, and deciding what to do with the money in your retirement plan is a task you can’t afford to forget.

These steps can help you make smart decisions:

  1. Consider your options. Make sure you talk to your plan’s financial professional or your personal financial professional to examine your options and go over any fees, expenses or tax implications associated with your decision. The resources below will give you a head start on what you need to know.
    • Retirement savings options for plan participants brochure (PDF) — Learn about your options, including:
      • Rolling over to an American Funds IRA
      • Leaving your money in this retirement plan
      • Transferring your money to a new retirement plan
      • Taking a cash distribution (you may have to pay penalties and taxes)
    • Rollovers section — Get more information about your options, as well as access to calculators to help you plan.
    • Notice of Special Tax Rules on Distributions (PDF) — Read about the rules and tax implications associated with different distribution options. Included is a list of common questions participants have about distributions.
  2. Contact your advisor or call (800) 421-9923 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern time, Monday – Friday to speak with a Rollover Specialist.