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Updated Signature Guarantee requirements

November 01, 2014

Acting upon feedback from you, American Funds has revised its signature guarantee policy so that fewer transactions now require a signature guarantee. Under the updated plan, a signature guarantee is no longer needed for an internal transfer from an American Funds 401(k) plan to an IRA held at Capital Bank and Trust CompanySM (CB&T), regardless of the dollar value of the account or plan.

Additionally, a number of other requests no longer require a signature guarantee, including name changes, address updates on accounts with undeliverable mail, and beneficiary claims when the beneficiary is named on a CB&T or Transfer of Death (TOD) account.

Updated copies of the following forms are now available for download:

  • Name Change Request form
  • Retirement Plan Payment Instructions form
  • Mutual Fund Account Options Funds Link form
  • CB&T Beneficiary Claim forms
  • Transfer Registration Request form

American Funds encourages you to use these updated forms. We will continue to explore alternatives to the signature guarantee for additional forms and requests.