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Column Values
Column Description
1 A Investment Company Unit (ICU)
2 B Plan ID
3 C Participant Social Security Number (SSN)
4 D Participant Name
5 E Contribution Money Type Code (See Money Type Codes at right)
6 F Investment Vehicle Type Code
7 G Fund Code (numeric value)
8 H Fund Code (alpha value)
9 I Opening Balance
10 J Conversions
11 K Contributions
12 L Dividends
13 M Gain / Loss
14 N Exchanges
15 O CDSC Charges
16 P Forfeitures
17 Q Distributions
18 R Mistake of Fact Distributions
19 S Transfers In
20 T Transfers Out
21 U Loan Transfers In
22 V Loan Transfers Out
23 W Loan Interest
24 X Insurance Premiums
25 Y Closing Balance
26 Z Report Range Beginning Date
27 AA Report Range Ending Date
28 AB Date Range Code (“P”ayroll, “T”rade, or “C”onfirm)
29 AC Loan Closeouts

Money Type Codes
101 Elective Deferral
103 Discretionary (Employer Contribution)
104 Employer Match
110 Direct Investment
112 Rollover
114 Transfer of Assets
154 Roth Elective Deferral