FAQ | American Funds

How to Roll Your Retirement Plan Account from Your Previous Employer to Your American Funds Plan

First, confirm with your American Funds plan’s contact person that the plan accepts this type of rollover.

If your American Funds plan accepts these rollovers, here is an overview of what to do:

  1. From your American Funds plan contact, obtain an Incoming Rollover Request form.
  2. From the financial institution that holds your account from your previous employer (the "sending institution") obtain any paperwork and requirements they need for rollovers.
  3. Complete and return the Incoming Rollover Request form to your American Funds plan’s contact; they must have an authorized plan representative sign it and send it American Funds. Be sure to get a copy of the signed form.
  4. Complete and return the sending institution’s paperwork, including the "pay order information" from the Incoming Rollover Request form. If they require a letter of acceptance from American Funds, give them a copy of your completed Rollover Request (refer them to the form’s Custodial Acceptance section).

Once American Funds receives both the completed Incoming Rollover Request form and the rollover check, the funds will be invested into your retirement plan account according to your investment elections on file.

This is an overview – representatives from the sending institution and your American Funds plan will provide more details, and you’ll find instructions on the Incoming Rollover Request form itself.